apply_filters( 'debug_information', $info )
  • (array) $args { The debug information to be added to the core information page. This is an associative multi-dimensional array, up to three levels deep. The topmost array holds the sections, keyed by section ID. @type array ...$0 { Each section has a `$fields` associative array (see below), and each `$value` in `$fields` can be another associative array of name/value pairs when there is more structured data to display. @type string $label Required. The title for this section of the debug output. @type string $description Optional. A description for your information section which may contain basic HTML markup, inline tags only as it is outputted in a paragraph. @type bool $show_count Optional. If set to `true`, the amount of fields will be included in the title for this section. Default false. @type bool $private Optional. If set to `true`, the section and all associated fields will be excluded from the copied data. Default false. @type array $fields { Required. An associative array containing the fields to be displayed in the section, keyed by field ID. @type array ...$0 { An associative array containing the data to be displayed for the field. @type string $label Required. The label for this piece of information. @type mixed $value Required. The output that is displayed for this field. Text should be translated. Can be an associative array that is displayed as name/value pairs. Accepted types: `string|int|float|(string|int|float)[]`. @type string $debug Optional. The output that is used for this field when the user copies the data. It should be more concise and not translated. If not set, the content of `$value` is used. Note that the array keys are used as labels for the copied data. @type bool $private Optional. If set to `true`, the field will be excluded from the copied data, allowing you to show, for example, API keys here. Default false. } } } }



由核心添加的部分的数组键都是以 wp-. 为前缀。插件和主题应该使用他们自己的slug作为前缀,这既是为了一致性,也是为了避免键的冲突。请注意,数组的键是作为复制数据的标签使用的。

除了 $description 可以包含内嵌的HTML标签(见下文),所有字符串都应该是纯文本。

$info = apply_filters( 'debug_information', $info );